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Communication in ancient Greek teaching procedures: Interpreting images of Douris’ kylix in comparison to modern pedagogical communication styles
Panagiotis J. Stamatis Department of Sciences of Preschool Education and Educational Design University of the Aegean


Volume 4, Issue 1

 | pp.



The aim of this paper is the examination of the relationship between the Protagoras' description about basic educational procedures in classical Greece and depicted ones on the kylix of Douris which is a unique and well preserved pottery revealing aspects of an ancient school interior. This study is based on bibliographical and phenomenological analysis. The depicted images are interpreted in comparison to written references related to Platonic thought about education. After that, teaching procedures of classical Greece related to communication styles are discussed comparatively (between) the ancient and modern instructional circumstances of primary education. Written evidence and painting analysis conclude that various differences exist in many educational levels including courses, teaching styles and instructional strategies. The roles of teachers, students and pedagogues are totally revealed. Those roles are comparable to the modern ones and relative to the procedures of individualization and personalization of learning.
Subjects:Ancient Greek Literature, Modern Sciences in the Classics