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Gravitational Waves and Plato
Byron-George Zattas Chemist-Independent Researcher


Volume 5, Issue 2

 | pp.



The recent announcement (11 Feb 2016) of the detection of gravitational waves caused by the collision of two black holes, verified Einstein’s theory of their existence. Since this discovery is a pre-view of the creation of gravitational waves at the Big Bang, it urges us to investigate if this was predicted in Plato’s Timaeus where the creation of the universe is described. In the space-time, which is an “ocean” of energy-matter and which by being curved is perceived as the creation of particles and sensible things, the movement is not a spacial movement, but it is actually propagation of a perturbation and hence transmission of properties. The perturbation that is caused by the quantic fluctuations at the Big Bang should also produce, in theory, gravitational waves. Since the description of the “chora” in Plato’s Timaeus refers clearly to the space-time, the whole process that is narrated in the Timaeus, among other things, describes actually the creation of such waves. Being that as it may, a further study and elaboration in the cosmological view of Plato, may reveal very important new philosophical aspects related to modern Cosmology.