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Hellenistic Rhodes, Rhetoric and Diplomacy: Molon Apollonius
Anastasios Chamouzas University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece


Volume 4, Issue 1, Volume 4, Issue 2

 | pp.



During the Hellenistic Age the island of Rhodes stands at a superb economic and cultural and position in the Mediterranean, while Rome is the superpower that dominates the known world of the time, being an enormous empire state, an offspring of a realistic, enforceable legal and political thought. Quite apart from a naval, economic, political and cultural significant power the island of Rhodes becomes a land of education for many eminent Roman personalities. Molon Apollonius was a truly cult figure of Rhodes, a brilliant jurist, orator and teacher of diplomacy and rhetoric. He was recognized as a remarkably distinguished scholar of law, diplomacy and rhetoric even by the supreme Romans Julius Caesar and Cicero, who travelled to Rhodes exclusively in order to become his students. The Roman politicians acknowledging his skills and faculties offered him the rostrum to address the Roman Senate in Greek language, an unprecedented honour for a foreign diplomat from their provinces. And Cicero mentions: Graeca leguntur in omnibus fere gentibus.
Subjects:Ancient Greek Literature, Ancient Greek Society, Ancient Rome, History