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Deviation from established order in Euripides’ Bacchae
Vasiliki Chatzipetrou


Volume 7, Issue 2

 | pp.



Euripides’ play the Bacchae, is a profoundly social and political play where matters of significance like women’s rights, freedom of expression along with established social order and patriarchy are addressed. Euripides’ barbarian women become the means of resistance in the struggle of the superior males to retain their position in society without disrupting established order as it is defined by them. It seems that the opponent awe of patriarchy is “the other” i.e. the barbarian Bacchae or the maenads who were barbarized due to the Dionysian mania. Additionally, the deviation from established order leads to barbarism as one notices in the barbarian women’s conduct or Pentheus’ effeminacy which constitutes an act of barbarism in itself.